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Mrs. Dr. Fei Hong, born in 1978, originally comes from China, has studied and worked in Europe for more than 15 years.

She is the initiator, developer and trainer for the Mindful Self-Development Coaching (MSDC) program.

Prior to the PhD research, Mrs. Dr. Hong worked at two of the Fortune Top 100 companies as Account Manager, Buying Manager and Commercial HR & Capability Manager for a total of 5 years.

Mrs. Dr. Hong has done her Master degree in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and her Bachelor degree in Psychology at the Middlesex University in London, UK.

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What Clients say about Dr. Fei Hong

Ms. Dr. Xuefan Gao
Researcher, Chinese, MSDC 1 (May-Jul 2012)

I came across MSDC program in the middle of my PhD years in summer 2012. At that time I was searching for mental training method that could help to keep inner peace of myself. The MSDC program suited that desire very well, and it actually improved the inner state of me to a new level.

  One of my main take-away skills from the program is listening to the inner-voice/inner-need. There are methods to lead oneself to a quite mental state. In that state, I could distinguish the essence of myself and my ego, and thus able to fellow the voice from my true need. I’ve learnt meditation in the program and still kept the habit after almost 4 years’ completion of the program.

  Another important skill from the program is the ability of keeping alert and watching out my inner state from an outsider point of view, especially when emotion takes away rational. I have gain the ability of watching emotions, slow down and then better control behavior. Together with a focused intension, the program had given me essential tools to finish the final stressful two years of my PhD. I was very lucky to come across MSDC on the right time.

  I am grateful of joining the program. I have gained training on mental state. I am happy to notice that self-development is a main driven force of my life.

Mr. Dr. Raphael Niebler
Researcher, German, MSDC 2 (Oct-Dec 2012)

After some prior experience with meditation I took part in the full MSDC-program. It was demanding but totally worth it. I have been continuing to practice ever since. The techniques as well as exercises helped me a lot to focus my efforts and get a clear outlook on what is important for me. It helped me change my live to a more balanced and joyful approach.

I also experience higher cognitive functioning due to the meditational practice. Also you learn a variety of skills to fall back on in troubled and or stressful times. If you are truly willing to invest yourself, MSDC may as well change your live to the better.

Ms. Astrid G.
Adult Education, German-Romanian, MSDC 2 (Oct-Dec 2012)

I came across the Mindful Self-Development Coaching program towards the end of my university studies. I was starting to prepare for my final exams and was moreover also doing a stressful part time job. Therefore I was looking for something to strengthen me and to help me manage both.

The 8-week program was a lot about doing meditation and about being more mindful in one's daily life, towards the things we see, about what we experience and also about mindful ways of connecting to other people.

My meditation experience during the time that I participated in the MSDC program and the experience I made during the mindful exercises that are part of the program, helped me become calmer. It has become easier for me than it was before to relax and to experience calmness even in stressful times.

Fei is a very strong person and a quite understanding person, too. At times she challenged me but she also encouraged and facilitated my personal development.

Having taken part in the MSDC program enhanced my self-development and I can therefore really recommend this program.

Ms. Lisa Riesner
Master Student, German, MSDC 4 (May-Jul, 2013)

Through the MSDC program, guided by Fei Hong, my path to self-development started. Before I never thought of taking care of my inside, the feelings, the thoughts and the meaning. I lived a lot in the outside world, did what others asked me to and went a lot for nice hair and a shaped body. But I wasn't happy at all. Always feeling this longing for something and also this helplessness. I was just recognizing ‘I don't want to get out of control of my life but i feel I am going there.’ Words like awareness, consciousness and mindfulness never met my world.

So that was when I started MSDC. There we started meditating, doing yoga and other mindfulness practices. I started getting in contact with myself. For me, I experienced it as tough - all this self discipline I have not been used to. In same ways I recognized something was changing in me. I experienced myself reflecting my habits, being more true to myself and to others, changing my habits through new words, through breathing techniques and through mindful teeth brushing. I started to listen, to myself and to others – by giving them my full attention. By sensing not by thinking. After a while I started changing my eating style to ayurveda kitchen. So it went way further then changing my mindset.

I did not stick to everything I have learned. But the skills who felt suitable for me – I still use them after three years now. From my heart I truly recommend this program to every human being. To everyone out there. Because it changed my life and it will change yours. To be more truthful to yourself, to be there, in this moment and live this moment and feel this moment with your senses, which is true healing for me. Fei Hong is a great guid to this journey! She gives you the help and guidance that you need to find your own inner strength.

Thank you for everything.

Ms. Dr. Yulia Svetashova
Software Developer, Russian, MSDC 5 (Oct-Dec 2013)

I consider the MSDC Program to be one of my most profitable time investments. Initially, I modestly wanted to rethink some current goals (my old understanding of self-awareness) and to learn the basics of meditation, but fortunately it happened to take out much more than that.

Fei was teaching us to live hic et nunc, to be present: to see, to touch, to hear, to smell, to taste consciously, perceiving the moment through emotions, reminiscences, and bodily sensations.

She created an atmosphere of frankness and openness in a group of participants with very diverse backgrounds and life attitudes. Day after day, it got easier to externalize thoughts in a group, to interact, to listen, to accept differences.

Sometimes during the meditations, while looking at a burning candle or focusing on a repetitive movement, I had sudden flashes of clarity which later gave me strength to “divide and conquer” negative experiences as well as to reduce distractions in many important spheres of my life.

My most lasting impression is of the suite of the techniques and personal development methods, Fei systematically introduced. I got across something that was just simply working and, thus, bringing inner peace, “meditative thinking” (as opposed to “calculative” by M. Heidegger), and productive reflection into my life.

Mr. Sebastian Grissmann
PhD Candidate, German, MSDC 6 (Oct-Dec 2014)

It was a great experience which changed my life!

Although it was a very challenging program, it was more than worth the effort!

I still meditate regularly which helps me to reduce stress and improve my general well being!

I can highly recommend the MSDC program. It really helped me during a tough time during my PhD!

Mrs. Natalie Fomin-Thunemann
PhD Candidate, German-Russian, MSDC 6 (Oct-Dec 2014)

After 2 years of PhD I realized that if I continue in this pace I will discover a burnout soon. I was putting myself on stress and felt like I am always fighting. In addition my life lost color and emotions… I was like a robot doing every day the same and feeling no new input or development. I heard about this MSDC program from a friend. I expected to learn how to enjoy life again and not to put too much stress at myself. But it came out that I would get an even bigger present than I thought.

During the course I got to know myself better and understood what I have lost. I could be happy again with little things in my life every day. Towards the end of the course it became challenging when you ask yourself who you truly are and what you truly want from your life. The personal interviews are intense and really effective. At this time point I stopped with my first achievements and did not continue in this direction.

One and a half year later I came to a point in my life where it was necessary to continue. I was worried and confused about my life. Fei recommended the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. With the help of this book I discovered the ego in me and I was able to distance my thoughts and emotions from my true self. I understood how insane my worries/confusions are and that I am only the victim of my ego. I felt relieved and peaceful. I had no urge anymore to do or achieve something but was just happy in every moment as it is. My thoughts about my past and future shrank enormously. Since then, I listen to Eckhart Tolle regularly and meditate every day.

Fei, thank you from the deepest of my heart to play a big part in this transformation process!

Mrs. Dr. Kay Chu
Researcher, Taiwanese, MSDC 7 (Jan-Mar 2015)

Before MSDC, I am a person who has no problem of noticing small changes at my work but I don't sense much about my own feeling including my body and my heart.

During MSDC, I start communicating to myself and thinking what is really important for me. On the other hand, by the activities of MSDC, I started noticing and appreciating every small but wonderful thing happened in my daily life. This makes the routine becoming a unique and meaningful day. With certain exercises, not only pressure in my brain also the long-term pressure on my neck and back get released. 

Most important, MSDC taught me to stop regretting the past mistakes and stop worrying about the future, but live in the moment. 

Ms. Michele S.
PhD Candidate, German, MSDC 7 (Jan-Mar 2015)

Joining the MSDC program of Fei was a really life-changing experience for me.

The program started when I was in a very stressful phase of my life, not only work-related, but it was also shortly after I went through a very difficult time of my private life. Thus, for me Fei’s program, which amongst others consists of reflecting ones values and life goals, could not have been at a better time. With a great variety of interesting exercises and tools that focus on mindfulness and self-compassion, Fei provides the ground for empowerment to a more self-determined life. However, it depends on everybody him-/ herself to integrate these valuable lessons into one’s life and make it a habit to have a sustainable effect. But also here the program focussed on specific homework exercises and a mindful experience dairy was really helpful.

Even today, more than one year after the program, I still use techniques as for examples breathing breaks in stressful situations or the daily meditation which makes me calm and more self-focused. With her professional, rich and warm and accepting mind, Fei is for me the perfect coach to guide one through this process. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Fei and take part in her program, which I am convinced has the power to be a life-changing experience for people who are open and have the stamina to integrate the exercises and tools in their everyday life. Thus, I highly recommend Fei and her program!

Mr. Dr. Florian Soyka
Software Engineer, German, MSDC 8 (Jun-Aug 2015)

I really enjoyed the MSDC course! I learned about my boundaries, about communicating with others and about being mindful in my everyday life.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the course and I'm grateful to my teacher Fei Hong who helped me to develop myself further.

Mr. Lars R. Vadjina
Managing Director and Entrepreneur, German, Nonverbal Communication in Public Speaking Workshop

As I had the pleasure of attending Fei’s “Nonverbal Communication in Public Speaking” workshop at the University of Tübingen I’m more than delighted to recommend her. Fei is a very passionate and empathetic coach and trainer. She puts hard work into her seminars and cares about her students. I have enjoyed her seminar a lot and most certainly I have learned a lot as well. She combines lecture with individual and group work. The seminar was interesting and fascinating at the same time and never boring. Although, I’m experienced in delivering presentations and speeches I was still able to learn a lot from this workshop and I’m most certainly looking forward to use this new knowledge in the future.


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